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This Book Teaches Kids the Proper Role of Government and what True Laws Are 
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Do Your Kids Know the Dangers of Socialism?
Like you, we're concerned with how crazy the world is and how many people are advocating for bigger government restricting our rights.

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"Before reading this book, my kids had little knowledge on the principles of liberty and economics. Now, the Tuttle Twins have piqued their interest…"
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Teach Your Kids the Proper Role of Government
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Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • We have rights (and no, they don't come from the government…) 
  • Our conscience is what helps us distinguish between what's right and what's wrong.
  • The government sometimes includes bad guys who violate our rights and cause problems.
  • Plunder is wrong for pirates and other people, and legalized plunder (government stealing) is also wrong!
  • What's wrong is wrong, no matter who does it — be it you, your friend, or the government.
  • True laws protect people, but many bad laws exist that take property from one group to give it to another.
  • There are people who need our help, but the right way is to do it voluntarily.
  • Opportunities exist all around us to be charitable or solve problems; we should help others without being forced to.
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